Design: Greeting Cards For CardNest

Handwritten cards speak so much louder than a short text or a Facebook post. There is just something special about getting something in the mail to help celebrate an occasion—or better yet, just to say hello—especially when its a uniquely designed card! This is just what the Cardnest co-founders, David Robinson and Oli Gosling, had in mind when developing their company.

Based in the UK, Cardnest is a monthly card subscription that sends its customers three cards a month designed by various artist around the world. We couldn't have been more stoked to be apart of such a fun company. Working with David and Oli has been great and so easy going. They treated us more like friends than business associates—it was truly wonderful.

The two owners have proven to be extremely driven when it comes to their company and have an incredible passion behind artist as they built their collection of cards. And let's not forget to mention their own killer design eye. The site alone is reason enough to sign up!

We hope to continue to work with David and Oli in the future but for now, do yourself a favor and check out Cardnest to sign up to receive further info about their launch!