The Good Sips Instagram Auction

I was given these mugs awhile ago and they sat in the corner of my loft for months. I wasn't sure what their meaning would be except that I knew that their surfaces would be hit with paint at some point. Then a few weeks ago, still unsure, I finally made the jump without a plan. I wanted their destination to come to me as I was releasing my creative energy into them. And that is just what happened. Some times you don't need a full plan right from the start. Some times you just need to listen to yourself as you go through the process of creating.

Now we are here. Ready to launch our first ever Instagram Auction. But it's not just about selling these hand painted mugs, its about giving back to something that is important to you, our followers, supporters, friends, and family.



The unique mugs feature gold hand lettered and illustration. Every mug was hand painted by me (Brittany) using an oil-based sharpie paint pen. After painting, the mugs were baked in the oven to settle the paint into the glaze of the mug. Mugs are not dishwasher safe and we recommend a gentle hand wash.


Once the bid is open, you will comment under the picture of your desired mug with your bid and email. If you are not the first bidder, you must tag the last bidder in your comment so they know they have been outbid. Examples:

First bidder: "lightruststudio $25"

Following bidders:  "instalove @lightruststudio $30"


We want to give you control over where your money goes. The highest overall bidder across all items will get to chose the charity which Light Rust Studio will donate 50% off the total auction's profits.


Each day this week we will be releasing two to bid on. Bidding will continue on every mug until Saturday at 9:00am est. This means some mugs will have a long open bid time, and others will have less then 12 hours. So be quick to stay on your mug!

Time to enjoy some warm sips while doing good!