A Reflective Goodbye To 2014 & An Excited Hello Ro 2015!

We have been a little checked out the past couple of weeks. We took the holidays to spend time with family and friends—it was full of mini road trips to warm homes, roaring laughs, refreshing conversations, much needed us time, and of course plenty of food. The past year has been like climbing a really crazy mountain (one out of an animated movie maybe) so we can honestly say we needed this. At the beginning of 2014 I was still working hard at getting my fresh new business off the ground, we were busily planning our wedding, and we were working through a lot of personal challenges.

I learned a lot about myself last year. Most of us say that at the end of each year since, naturally, time allows for growth, but this year was totally different. In the first half of 2014, I learned what I really wanted out of life and whom I wanted to spend it with. In the past, I allowed a lot of negativity in my life and thought it was okay to get knocked down and trampled over as long as it helped someone else through their own internal battle. While we all have them, after so many battles, I learned there is only so much I could take and I needed to put myself first. It was a tough lesson to learn, but once I found my peace, I felt whole again. I felt that weight lift straight up and off allowing me to focus on what really mattered.

As August was approaching, I was feeling so full of life and love and I was happy with how things were going with the studio. While slightly frazzled with wedding planning, I could not wait for our big day! It was the highlight of the year for sure, and not just because I got to marry the love of my life and (for real) best friend, but also because we got to have all the people we love in one place at the same time for a whole weekend. The beauty of watching our friends and family dance, cheer, laugh, and love each other makes my heart feel so full.

And then as the season changed to fall, I made a leap with the studio. We made the transition from a paper goods store to a full-fledged handmade design studio. When I first started, I thought paper goods would be it. I have always had a strong—maybe odd—passion for cards, but as I met new people and was hired to do different projects, it became clear to me what I really wanted to do. I wanted to work with other creative adventurers to build their dreams into amazing realities.

Then we found ourselves at the end of the year. I was working hard finishing up client projects, writing guest blog posts, and dreaming of 2015’s excitement. By the end of it, I was ready for a short break to recover and refresh. I look back on the year and one word comes to mind: proud. I am so proud of myself and what I have built here—a tribe of loving, crazy, adventurous, creative, caring souls. I am so thankful for the people I have met along the way in this winding journey—the people that have pushed me to be my best self.

Now 2015 has arrived and we have some more changes coming, including a very important (a little crazy, but very exciting) dream of ours coming true. We are so stoked to announce that we are MOVING TO LONDON! Throughout 2014 we pushed to get to our goal of living abroad and being more able to travel the world, and my-oh-my, we have done just that. We have just two months left until we make the leap across the pond and start building our new life. I cannot wait to share our journey with you all!

For now we are living in the excitement of it all and finalizing the details. The studio will continue to run as normal until late February. We will be sure to be in touch with what changes the move will bring to the studio, but rest assured that they will be positive!

Happy New Year everyone! May you be full of challenges, excitement, love, and courage!