Design: Monika & Paul's Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

Okay, I admittedly get really excited when I can finally share wedding stationery I have designed here on the blog! For the the couple's privacy for their big day and so they can be the ones to first show of their stationery to their guest, I like to wait awhile before I reveal it myself. Last year I had the joy of working with Monika and Paul to design a custom suite for their September wedding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. One of my favorite parts of this design is was bringing in the colors inspired by vintage florals and embroidery. The contrast that we were able to create to make those really pop brings to life the vibe of the wedding itself.

This was also the first time on a wedding stationery suite that I did some playing around with balancing my hand lettering with a digital font. While I love the handmade process and keeping as true to that as possible, it's hard to deny that sometimes it works better to combine it. By doing so, it really made the lettering stand out beautifully. Knowing that, the best route to take to keep hierarchy amongst all the information was to make sure the most important parts for their guest were hand-drawn. 

Monika and Paul also came to me with song lyrics they wanted to incorporate into the suite. It was a really lovely element to be able to made the invitation unique to them and their love. I decided it would be the perfect focal point for the front of the suite to set the tone as guest flipped through the rest of the celebration info.

The whole suite was printed on a cream acquerello textured paper to add to the vintage vibe. With the dark colors and the florals, it matched the time of the year as summer was coming to an end and the gorgeous New England fall was on its way. One of the reasons I love working with clients on custom wedding stationery is that they are able to express themselves fully to their guest and give them a glimpse into the unique day they have planned to all celebrate together. A very big thanks for Monika & Paul for letting me be a part of that!

Britt was so wonderful to work with. She was very patient and answered all of my many questions in a timely and clear manner. She was also always happy to amend the design when I had last minute additions or requests. I really appreciated her artistic knowledge and suggestions as well, as this was my first time creating wedding invitations. Additionally, she did a wonderful job describing her product via email as we worked through the creation process long distance. The only surprise I had when receiving my invitations, was the beautiful packaging she sent them in! Overall, I would highly recommend working with Britt to any Bride. I could not be more happy with how my invitations came out, and I can’t wait to frame them!
— Monika Beliveau, Bride

Design: Katy & Nate's Camping Inspired Wedding Invitations

Taking a break from winter and the holiday cheer to be reminded of the sweet warmth of summer with Katy & Nate's wedding stationery from earlier this year. I have to begin by saying Rea Mae Sherman of Bear Warner did an amazing job capturing these in the environment of the couple's big day. She really made them stand out amongst such a stunning setting!

Working with Katy & Nate was a match made in heaven. From the start, we seemed to be speaking the same language. Their vision for their stationery and wedding tied perfectly together with my natural organic style so I was more than happy to take them onboard as clients this past year. Together we worked through the details in order to bring their stationery to life and show their guests a glimpse into what they could expect upon arrival to celebrate Katy & Nate's unique love.

One of the really unique elements to Katy & Nate's wedding was that guests could camp onsite. Bringing in that element to the style and illustration showed their down-to-earth vibe. Also, I've actually known Katy for a few years now. She happens to be one of my first ever customers when I was starting out and selling greeting cards. From that, I had an advantage of knowing her love for gardening, greens, and nature. Bringing that to life for her and Nate was really special. Getting to give back to the two of them and be a part of such a beautiful time in their lives meant a lot.

The whole suite was wrapped up together using an organic cotton string and a tag that has their unique monogram. I sent over some extras just in case they needed them and to my surprise, Katy recently showed me that she used the tags to add their individual touch to their favors. Such a lovely idea!

Each wedding invitation suite I create is 100% unique and custom to the couple. I love being able to chat with my clients to learn more about them and their vision so I can help them bring it to life. Celebrating love is one of the most beautiful, intimate, and special things so I am always honored when someone chooses me to help be a part of their big day. A very big thanks to Katy & Nate for letting me in their lives and being the most wonderful people to work with!

Brittany designed our wedding invites with guest info cards, RSVP cards and personalized maps, menus and wedding programs. I was amazed at how easy this process was. Working with Britt was a dream. If I had any questions she attended to them immediately and every single adjustment was handled with such patience. Without even being able to see the venue, she so perfectly captured the entire look and feel of our wedding. Britt makes sure to ask the right questions to accommodate in expressing each of your personalities within the design. I was so happy to see that our guests enjoyed our invitations as much as we did. We had so many guests write personal messages on their RSVPs stating how amazing the design was and many that mentioned it was the best invites that had ever seen. I am grateful for the experience and the time spent working with Britt. I couldn’t be more content with the result. I look forward to working with Britt on future projects and treasuring what she’s created for us.
— Katy Behringer, Bride

Sending Love With Our 2016 Holiday Cards

Throughout the years we've done holiday cards off and on. Unfortunately they slip off our to-do list some times. I'm always regretful when we don't get around to it because I think it is an important way to show our family and friends some extra love during such a magical time of the year. This is coming more and more emphasized while we are living so far away from our loved ones. It is tough only getting to see our families just a couple times year but it's the little things like this that help make the in-between time so special.

This year we decided to hold ourselves to it and I took it upon myself to illustrate our own to make them extra unique! One of the elements that holds me back some years is being unsure of what card to send. Being a designer and artist, I'm typically picky and do want to do it myself but the time isn't always there to create them on my own. We've also given photo cards a thought but we feel like that should wait until we have a family of our own to make those special to that time in our lives.

When I set out to start brainstorming for this year's holiday card, I decided almost immediately that it would be fun to do an illustration of our very own Christmas set up in our new flat. It makes is a little more personable and unique to our lives here in London that our families and friends back home don't always get to be a part of. We've made it our own little way of sending love all the way from London.

Another reason cards were extra important to us this year was to not just send love to our family and friends far away but also to our friends right here in London. We've been here for almost two years now and what has made it feel the most like home for us are the people we have met. Being away from home is a little easier when you build your own network of loving souls who become your second family. We're lucky we have a group of people to celebrate holidays with and get every day loving support from. Living in London wouldn't be easy without all of them!

The holiday season is a reason to spread cheer and love to those who matter most to us. It's the perfect time to send that reminder out to let them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them during the spirited celebrating!

Sending so much love to all of you as well for your continued support all year long! Happy Holidays, Xo

Download & Print: Free Holiday Card

Going back to our roots again and offering you all a free printable holiday card! It's time to celebrate life...and drink hot chocolate...and wear knit sweaters. It's the most magical time of the year...

As many of you know, when I began my studio greeting cards used to be my 24/7. There are moments that I miss designing them but these times make up for it when I can jump back in. It gives me the chance to give back to all you lovely people for the support you continuously pour my way. And, nothing quite beats snail mail especially this time of year. I love getting cards from family and friends. It's such a nice sentiment to share with one another. This year for our own cards, I decided to design our own. I'll dive more into that soon on here but for now these ones are for you!

Enjoy this Happy Holidays design with a wreath as the center and twinkle lights as a background. These cards are easy printable PDFs that you can use how ever many times you please! I hope you have fun sending them out to all your loved ones.

Download · Red
Download · Blue
Download · Green

Download & Print: Free Father's Day Card

Father's Day falls on the same day for the US and UK so I don't have any confusion this time around like I did for Mother's Day (does this happen every year?...I sure hope so. I'll take any similarities I can!). For all of you who are wondering just what date it is, it's Sunday June 18th—just saved you a google search! 

Throughout this year, I have been working on bringing in printable cards to remind myself and all of you where Sea of Atlas began—in the paper goods industry. It's fun to have these occasions to bring me back to my greetings card design days! It also gives me an excuse to practice and try new hand lettering. I kept the designs for these Father's Day cards simple but had some fun with the lettering style.

Unfortunately, we will not be with either of our Fathers for the special day but we will be lucky enough to spend this week with them! My Father is someone who I admire for his strength, love, and support. Growing up he was always there for us and teaching us new things. We would putter around his workshop building little shelves, he taught me how to kayak (and its one of my favorite things we do together), he was my basketball coach for a few years, he was at my art shows encouraging me down my creative path. I couldn't love him more!

Wishing you all the best for Father's Day! May you spend it with all the special Father figures in your life who have helped shape who you are today.

Download · Green Circle Type
Download · Blue Type

Download & Print: Free Mother's Day Card

I still follow the US calendar for holidays like Mother's Day so please ignore the confusion here if there is any. It only makes sense to do so since that's where my Mom is! While the UK celebrated in early march, Mother's Day in the States is just around the corner (May 8th for those who need a reminder—I got your back). For whatever reason, I always really enjoyed it as a kid. We got to team up with Dad to figure out how to make sure we showed Mom just how much we loved her. It usually involved trips to local garden shops to pick out hanging plants for the porch and flowers that we would plant around the yard to make it pretty.

I might be bias but I have an amazing Mother. When we were kids, she stayed home to be with us and gave us so much love. She was great at creating games, giving us art projects, and best of all—letting us bake with her (and eat cookie dough). Because of her I was able to explore my creativity at a very young age and let it grow. I wish I could still spend the day with her but living abroad has its downfalls so we've created new ways of making sure we could still show our love and appreciation. And I'm forever thankful I got to spend some good time with her (and my Dad) recently during their stay in London. Its a week that I'm sure we will all remember for the rest of our lives! 

In honor of the day, I've design two cards to share with you all to help you celebrate. Below you'll find the two options pictured in this post so you can easily download the perfect match for you to share with the lovely mother(s) in your life! Happy almost Mother's Day to all the strong and empowering women out there who have raised us! Sending you all so much love. 

Download · Full Leaves
Download · Leaf border

Download & Print: Free Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I've never been someone who was for or against the holiday. I simply saw it as an accuse to celebrate love. That's a beautiful thing, right!? Life can really throw us around in circles and I think that we can all agree that it's nice to have these reminders to take a day to truly feel the love that comes pouring in around us. Whether it's with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, wife, husband, gal pals, friends, parents, family—should I keep going?—its a nice day to either simply send a card to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I've put together a design with the simple phrase: "You awaken my soul." I always loved using this saying back in the day (three years ago...) when I was starting my business designing and selling greetings cards. The saying is not just about loving someone but feeling good, free, and the best version of yourself around them. The people who belong in your life should lift you up and love you with all their heart.

Below there are three color options for the design so you can easily download the perfect match for you to share with all your loved ones! Happy almost Valentine's Day friends! Sending you all so much love. 

Download · Pink
Download · Blue
Download · Green

Design: Allison & Christopher's Nautical Wedding Invitations

Allison and Christopher's wedding stationery was nautical themed from front to back, start to finish. Their save the date was simple with a classic play off of a knot as part of the copy to keep it light and casual. And lastly, the design was topped off with a simple line drawing of an anchor because some times you can't do a nautical theme without one.

As we moved on to their wedding invitation suite, we classed it up some to play with the importance of the event but ultimately kept it—what I like to call—sophisticated playful. I used swirling waves and a sailboat as the main illustration element which was then used on other pieces including their programs and escort cards.

To complete the suite, the invites were bundled together with a natural string and a monogrammed tag. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do a triangle as it brought together the sail and flag shapes that were being created on the invite and the RSVP card.

Allison and Christopher were clients that knew exactly what they wanted. It was clear and direct making it easy to create a suite that fit their needs for their big day. I am so thankful they included my designs and art into such a special event in their lives.

Brittany worked with us over a period of almost nine months as she prepped numerous pieces of our wedding stationery. She worked with us to design a beautiful save the date, invitation (and reply card), cover art for our wedding ceremony bulletin, as well as escort cards for our reception. Through each step in the process she was quick with responses and always professional. We had many guests compliment us on our stationery throughout the entire process. We were more than happy to tell them where the items had come from and how much we loved working with Brittany. Everything arrived to us in a timely manner, despite her being in London and us being in Cambridge, MA. We began ordering cards from Brittany a couple years ago, and working with her for our wedding seemed only logical. Her prices were extremely reasonable and her knowledge of paper products (envelopes, string, paper weight, etc.) was evident every step of the way. We only wish that we had other large events coming up that necessitated stationery so that we could work with her again. We also have admired the work that she has done for other couples that we know, and we will be sure to recommend her to friends getting married in the future.
— Allison & Christopher Thayer, Bride & Groom

Design: Shannon & Andrew's Calligraphy Wedding Stationery Suite

Shannon and Andrew's stationery was very special to me as they are close friends of mine and I wanted it to speak directly to who they are—classy, sophisticated, and fun loving. We began with their save the dates, pulling inspiration from modern calligraphy and Monet's Haystacks. Keeping them black and white allowed them to be elegant while we pulled in a more organic textured paper to be sure to display that softer romantic feel.

A few months later, we began working on what their wedding invitations would look like. We thought sticking with the feel of calligraphy would help tie the two pieces together so I decided it was time to actually learn real calligraphy. I have used the pen and ink medium before for a drawing style I was trying out during my college years. Never had I actually done calligraphy with it though. I spent a lot of time practicing to feel comfortable and strong enough to pull through on these invites. Honestly, it was a moment I was really proud of myself for pushing my comforts and limits to try something new. It paid off. I now have such a love for calligraphy and have done a few more projects since that involve the medium expanding my hand lettering styles.

Besides the calligraphy, the invites included small decorative elements and were printed on a creamy colored acquerello paper to add another layer to the design with a great clean texture. To finish off the bundle, we wrapped them in the belly band displaying their custom monogram.

As their day was getting closer, we decided to create some more designed pieces for the ceremony and reception. My favorite piece to work on in their suite was the program. I loved being able to illustrate a place—the Trinity College Chapel—that meant so much to them already and would now gain a whole new meaning to them after their wedding.

For the cocktail hour and reception, we created some signs and menus that once again combined the calligraphy and the sans serif style font that we had been using in other pieces like the save the dates and the program. Having those two different visual elements, really made the calligraphy and the illustrations pop.

I really loved Andrew and Shannon's vision for their big day. They nailed the idea and style that they were going for since it was so clearly them; they weren't trying to be something they weren't and allowed their natural style to come through. It means so much to me to get to be part of peoples lives in this way. To help them celebrate their love and families coming together. I am so thankful for that.

Working with Brittany was my favorite part of the wedding planning! She really took the time to understand the style of our wedding, our tastes, and personalities, which clearly showed in the final product. She was incredibly responsive to feedback—both with the design and the turn around time. She really kept us on track, too, knowing which projects to focus on earlier vs. closer to the wedding date. She also helped us keep our projects within our budget, with tips on where we should splurge on paper and where we could save.

We could not have been happier with our entire suite. The handwritten details really made our wedding feel like OUR wedding. We will be framing our invites and ceremony cover and enjoying them for years to come. Thank you, Brit!
— Shannon & Andrew Page, Bride & Groom

Design: Aubrey & Dustin's Lemon Themed Wedding Stationery Suite

Aubrey and Dustin's wedding stationery was made to fit in with their easy going style. While Aubrey told me what they were picturing their day to be like, I grabbed onto the fact that they were having a lemonade stand (so awesome, right!?) and instantly started to envision how I could have that play into the design while still keeping a wedding feeling to the invites.

I started by taking the an illustration I did for their Save the Dates and adding the lemonade stand right out front. What I enjoyed about taking an element from their Save the Dates, was the barn was first drawn very muted as a hint where they were going to be and the invitations got to take the barn, spruce it up and add more details from the day. It felt like we were slowly revealing what people were going to expect when they arrived to celebrate the couple.

Next, I took the lemon element and decided to use it as a floral piece. I've done my fair share of floral invitations and design, which are already so beautiful on their own, but it was fun and unique to add a different twist into it with the lemons. That detail brought all the pieces together as a whole without being too repetitious.

Overall, their invitations brought out their individual style and paired it with what they had planned for the day. It was a joy to work with such a relaxed couple who had planned a gorgeous day that made my job a little easier!

From start to finish working with Sea of Atlas was great. Britt designed our save the dates, invitations, rehearsal dinner invites, table cards and made some signs for the wedding. Everything she designed was perfect. If we did ask for a slight edit she was responsive and quick to get a new preview to us. We told Britt some key points about our wedding and she captured the feel of it beautifully in all of the work she did for us.
— Aubrey Zitzmann, Bride

Design: Jaclyn & Michael's Woodsy Wedding Invitations

Jackie and Michael were my first stationery clients after I started offering wedding invitation suites and decor. The first piece we worked together on was their Save the Date. They handed over creative freedom right from the start and it was immediately clear in my head that I needed to turn towards capturing the feel of their venue, an outdoorsy cabin style inn located in New Hampshire, while I was searching for inspiration.

Not only were they getting married in New Hampshire, but it is also where they met (at the very camp the three of us went to growing up and worked at later in life) so I knew that it had to scream everything the state was about. I incorporated mountains, trees, and a cabin (of course!) to be highlighted through illustration and kept the type organic, rustic, and simple.

Overall, Jackie and Michael's wedding stationery—as with all that I create—needed to be them and tell their individual story. That is what weddings are all about, right!? Your loved ones come to gather and celebrate your love and everything that it took to get you there standing in front of them. It is a special day and with each project I aim to align with just that.

We were lucky enough to work with Brittany in designing both save the dates and wedding invitations. Brittany’s work is absolutely stunning! She sent us a detailed questionnaire so that she could design products that were completely unique to us. She went above and beyond by sending us multiple designs that we could choose from. She was able to customize every part of the designs. Working with Brittany you get a completely personal experience. She will create something that is truly beautiful and unique and we will treasure our save the dates and wedding invitations forever. Weddings can be such a stressful time. We never had to think twice about our save the dates and invitations. She was there every step of the way and made sure that we were completely happy! We are so happy to have worked with her!
— Jaclyn Benson, Bride

Design: Christina & Phillip's Simply Whimsical Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are always projects near and dear to my heart. I'm a huge fan of love (let's all be, okay?) and it means a lot to me when someone allows me to a part of their special day. When Christina and I began chatting about her wedding stationery, I was instantly excited. It was set to be a simple, low-key, elegant, and beautiful event. Christina allowed me the creative space to bring her vision to life. Through phone calls and crafting a mood board together, a couple of element emerged from which to draw inspiration. One, Christina was going to be wearing her mother's gorgeousvintage wedding gown. And two, the wedding was set in Newfoundland, a place full of beautiful landscapes and homes. The next step for us was to figure out how to pull those two things together. After playing around with some ideas and layouts, I started incorporating more whimsical type and natural elements. In the end, I like to think that I was able to successfully find balance between vintage simplicity and the detailed architecture.

In hopes of being more transparent and sharing more of our studio's process on the blog, I decided to not just share the completed project, but the starting mood board as well. Let me know what you think!