Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good

Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello

Taylors of Harrogate and Creating for Good came together to create a year long series of creative workshops ending with a trip to Rwanda to experience and tour the tea farms. Branding the event under one name, Extraordinary Passport, meant we needed to come up with a system to carry them throughout the whole journey together. By taking the window from Taylors logo and adding elements that would be a part of the workshops, we successfully came up with a crest to do just that. This brand element was carried out on the passport, bottles, stickers, and other materials used throughout the workshops.

Within the collaboration, I also worked as a pro bono designer for Creative For Good. With the team, I helped them create a stationery suite highlighting what they do as well as their partner, Women for Women. This element along with the passport and a few extras were shipped in vintage suitcases to each individual social media influencer chosen to partake in the journey. It was important to keep the color palette neutral to fit into the style of each influencer but also bring in Taylors colorful brand. Together they balance each other out and allow for versatility in the social media images.

Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello

Photography by Giulia Mulè.

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello

Sage and I were lucky enough to have our paths cross during college. We have kept in touch here and there so it was great to hear from him again when he was ready for his next tattoo! I used old school calligraphy (pen and ink) to create these custom designs for Sage. The words are pulled from John Irving's The Cider House Rules (which I highly recommend reading if you haven't!). I loved that Sage wanted to keep it simple and classic in these designs. I'm also always honored when someone—especially a friend—asks me to design a tattoo for them. I mean, it's the same thing as asking me to put my work permanently on their body (in case you didn't know)! So, a major shout out to Sage for working with on this as well as the always amazing Gretchen Powers for taking these stunning photos of the designs.

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello

Photography by Gretchen Powers.

Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Publication

Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Magazine | Britt Fabello

For The Letter Mag's courageous issue, we teamed up to create a custom illustration as well an a hand lettered piece. This recent publication is helping to inspire women to be courageous, daring, and free. That's a message I'm willing to push over and over again. Thanks to the team behind it all for letting me be a part it!

Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Magazine | Britt Fabello

A Hand Lettered Font Story: Montmarte

The latest addition to my hand lettered font collection is Montmartre. After our recent Spring trip to Paris where we spent a good amount of time exploring the neighborhood of Montmartre, I felt inspired. While wandering around the quaint streets and cobblestone hills, I was constantly looking around at the hand painted signs, old architecture, and feeling the vibe of this creative hub. After stopping into the Musee of Montmartre (now one of my favorite places on this planet) and viewing the exhibition on films depicting this very neighborhood throughout different time periods, it was clear to me where this trip's font was going to be pulled from. I felt drawn to the old movies— the black and white pictures and classic story lines. It was so clear then that the inspiration I was taking home from this trip was going to be very vintage inspired.

The Montmartre font has that typical 1920s classic feel. It plays with its glamorous side but also keeps things down-to-earth with organic lines unpolished lines. While the typeface has all it's characters from uppercase to lowercase, its a font that really stands out when used in moderation. I would not recommend writing a book with this font—no way! As I was working out in my head how Montmartre would work in the design world, I saw it being able to stand on its own in simple settings. It's strong enough to even work its magic with one character like the bottles or the store sign I've mocked-up. It has a clear style—a strength—that could really tell a story for a brand.

Making fonts has been a new process for me this year and I am really enjoying taking the lettering I've been creating for years after trips and converting it into a typeface for more people to enjoy. I love that it's helping to make handmade—really unique and artfully done—design so much more accessible to all people and budgets. And, of course, there is just something about putting pen to paper to come up with this magical new ways to pull inspiration from places all over the world. There is a zone I get in when I am drawing each of these letters individually. I want that passion and love for the craft to be felt. While these fonts get taken from their handmade beginnings and become digitized, I always make sure to leave their organic quality.

I'm sure there will be many more fonts to come—I feel like I am only just getting started even though I've been working at this all year to build a strong library for all of you to use and create with. There's been a lot of learning along the way so I can make sure these are always the best they can be. Hopefully, these fonts help guide you all to create outside the box and push your branding or to just have fun with it!

A Hand Lettered Font Story: Fabello

As I noted last month, one of this year's goals was to make handmade design more accessible to all people. I have been working hard at building up my Creative Market shop with hand lettered fonts and illustrations. It has been a fun process but I have also learned a lot along the way of what direction I want to head in and with that who I am as a creative. This journey is about embracing myself and having grit—to continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone and own my work. I made the leap to create under my own name rather than Sea of Atlas (which as you can see has still remained a creative space in the form of a blog) this year. That change has made me take ownership of what I do. I can no longer hide behind a brand or a company, it's just a raw version of myself as a creative. That vulnerability is what drives art to truly come alive. I have never felt so free in what I can create and where I can take myself.

So, when I created my most recent handmade font, I decided to name it after myself. If I am honest, it felt a bit odd to do so. I'm used to be the quieter one in the group—I'm an observer and listener—or in cases of my art, I've always hoped that it could speak for itself. But as I have gotten older and further into my path in the creative field, I want to speak up and be a part of the conversation more. Naming a font after myself isn't meant to be vain. It is meant as a reminder to myself that it's okay to love yourself, your work, and completely own it. I'm proud of the work that I do and this is a nod to myself for being a strong and fearless dream chaser. When I look back at the past few years and all the work I have put into getting where I am today, it inspires me to keep pushing and shows me that I am so much more capable than I think am.

I can only hope by sharing my reasoning behind the Fabello Font and my story, that it can help inspire others to push further with their own work and passions. Life is truly built up of our own choices and while we don't always have complete control, it's important to remember that we have a power within us to go after our dreams as best as we can.

In The Shop: Hand Lettered Fonts

This year, one of my goals was to find ways to make handmade design more accessible to everyone. Handmade design has a place in my heart and soul. It's the side of design that I love to be a part of and creating in. The quality of it offers brands and people really unique pieces to help build their look. I find it captivating and am pulled towards its unique ability to draw the eye in. One thing that can be tricky with handmade design though, is its price—and that has aways bothered me. As a designer you have to charge what you are worth—your hours, blood, sweat, and tears. Handmade design is a detailed process that is worth the investment but for businesses or bloggers just starting out, the price can be a make or break.

So, what's the solution here? I hate having turn people away because their budget can't cover what they are after. I believe they deserve access to elements that can get them started on the right foot until they are able to invest further. That's where websites like Creative Market come in. You can find an abundance of goods to help you get up and running. It's also a great spot for so much more. I've found great gems on there like mock-up to help present my work. I'm also seeing bloggers using it more and more to get stock photography or header fonts. I could go on and on about what you can find on the website but the last thing I will say is Creative Market is where you all should be heading to help give projects you are working on an extra boost.

The shop I am building currently contains a selection of handmade fonts and illustrations all done with my own two hands. Each of these products have their own story and creative process that you can read further about by heading over to the shop. Just click the product you are interested below or the shop bottom to make your way there. I am so excited to be able to share these with you all and give you the ability to start making beautiful graphics, logos, wedding invitations, and so much more on your own! If you have any request of fonts you have seen around the blog or in my work, I would be more than happy to hear them! As always—enjoy!

Design: Monika & Paul's Vintage Floral Wedding Invitations

Okay, I admittedly get really excited when I can finally share wedding stationery I have designed here on the blog! For the the couple's privacy for their big day and so they can be the ones to first show of their stationery to their guest, I like to wait awhile before I reveal it myself. Last year I had the joy of working with Monika and Paul to design a custom suite for their September wedding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. One of my favorite parts of this design is was bringing in the colors inspired by vintage florals and embroidery. The contrast that we were able to create to make those really pop brings to life the vibe of the wedding itself.

This was also the first time on a wedding stationery suite that I did some playing around with balancing my hand lettering with a digital font. While I love the handmade process and keeping as true to that as possible, it's hard to deny that sometimes it works better to combine it. By doing so, it really made the lettering stand out beautifully. Knowing that, the best route to take to keep hierarchy amongst all the information was to make sure the most important parts for their guest were hand-drawn. 

Monika and Paul also came to me with song lyrics they wanted to incorporate into the suite. It was a really lovely element to be able to made the invitation unique to them and their love. I decided it would be the perfect focal point for the front of the suite to set the tone as guest flipped through the rest of the celebration info.

The whole suite was printed on a cream acquerello textured paper to add to the vintage vibe. With the dark colors and the florals, it matched the time of the year as summer was coming to an end and the gorgeous New England fall was on its way. One of the reasons I love working with clients on custom wedding stationery is that they are able to express themselves fully to their guest and give them a glimpse into the unique day they have planned to all celebrate together. A very big thanks for Monika & Paul for letting me be a part of that!

Britt was so wonderful to work with. She was very patient and answered all of my many questions in a timely and clear manner. She was also always happy to amend the design when I had last minute additions or requests. I really appreciated her artistic knowledge and suggestions as well, as this was my first time creating wedding invitations. Additionally, she did a wonderful job describing her product via email as we worked through the creation process long distance. The only surprise I had when receiving my invitations, was the beautiful packaging she sent them in! Overall, I would highly recommend working with Britt to any Bride. I could not be more happy with how my invitations came out, and I can’t wait to frame them!
— Monika Beliveau, Bride

Design: Katy & Nate's Camping Inspired Wedding Invitations

Taking a break from winter and the holiday cheer to be reminded of the sweet warmth of summer with Katy & Nate's wedding stationery from earlier this year. I have to begin by saying Rea Mae Sherman of Bear Warner did an amazing job capturing these in the environment of the couple's big day. She really made them stand out amongst such a stunning setting!

Working with Katy & Nate was a match made in heaven. From the start, we seemed to be speaking the same language. Their vision for their stationery and wedding tied perfectly together with my natural organic style so I was more than happy to take them onboard as clients this past year. Together we worked through the details in order to bring their stationery to life and show their guests a glimpse into what they could expect upon arrival to celebrate Katy & Nate's unique love.

One of the really unique elements to Katy & Nate's wedding was that guests could camp onsite. Bringing in that element to the style and illustration showed their down-to-earth vibe. Also, I've actually known Katy for a few years now. She happens to be one of my first ever customers when I was starting out and selling greeting cards. From that, I had an advantage of knowing her love for gardening, greens, and nature. Bringing that to life for her and Nate was really special. Getting to give back to the two of them and be a part of such a beautiful time in their lives meant a lot.

The whole suite was wrapped up together using an organic cotton string and a tag that has their unique monogram. I sent over some extras just in case they needed them and to my surprise, Katy recently showed me that she used the tags to add their individual touch to their favors. Such a lovely idea!

Each wedding invitation suite I create is 100% unique and custom to the couple. I love being able to chat with my clients to learn more about them and their vision so I can help them bring it to life. Celebrating love is one of the most beautiful, intimate, and special things so I am always honored when someone chooses me to help be a part of their big day. A very big thanks to Katy & Nate for letting me in their lives and being the most wonderful people to work with!

Brittany designed our wedding invites with guest info cards, RSVP cards and personalized maps, menus and wedding programs. I was amazed at how easy this process was. Working with Britt was a dream. If I had any questions she attended to them immediately and every single adjustment was handled with such patience. Without even being able to see the venue, she so perfectly captured the entire look and feel of our wedding. Britt makes sure to ask the right questions to accommodate in expressing each of your personalities within the design. I was so happy to see that our guests enjoyed our invitations as much as we did. We had so many guests write personal messages on their RSVPs stating how amazing the design was and many that mentioned it was the best invites that had ever seen. I am grateful for the experience and the time spent working with Britt. I couldn’t be more content with the result. I look forward to working with Britt on future projects and treasuring what she’s created for us.
— Katy Behringer, Bride

Sending Love With Our 2016 Holiday Cards

Throughout the years we've done holiday cards off and on. Unfortunately they slip off our to-do list some times. I'm always regretful when we don't get around to it because I think it is an important way to show our family and friends some extra love during such a magical time of the year. This is coming more and more emphasized while we are living so far away from our loved ones. It is tough only getting to see our families just a couple times year but it's the little things like this that help make the in-between time so special.

This year we decided to hold ourselves to it and I took it upon myself to illustrate our own to make them extra unique! One of the elements that holds me back some years is being unsure of what card to send. Being a designer and artist, I'm typically picky and do want to do it myself but the time isn't always there to create them on my own. We've also given photo cards a thought but we feel like that should wait until we have a family of our own to make those special to that time in our lives.

When I set out to start brainstorming for this year's holiday card, I decided almost immediately that it would be fun to do an illustration of our very own Christmas set up in our new flat. It makes is a little more personable and unique to our lives here in London that our families and friends back home don't always get to be a part of. We've made it our own little way of sending love all the way from London.

Another reason cards were extra important to us this year was to not just send love to our family and friends far away but also to our friends right here in London. We've been here for almost two years now and what has made it feel the most like home for us are the people we have met. Being away from home is a little easier when you build your own network of loving souls who become your second family. We're lucky we have a group of people to celebrate holidays with and get every day loving support from. Living in London wouldn't be easy without all of them!

The holiday season is a reason to spread cheer and love to those who matter most to us. It's the perfect time to send that reminder out to let them know you appreciate them and are thinking of them during the spirited celebrating!

Sending so much love to all of you as well for your continued support all year long! Happy Holidays, Xo

2017 Pantone Color of The Year: Greenery

Are you all aware of what happened yesterday? The news swooped through the design community fast and here we are looking at 2017's color of the year. Pantone is the ultimate authority on color and last year they hit us with a curve ball announcing two colors for 2016. While it was truly a beautiful way to show what was ahead for us this past year, this year called for just one bold color—Greenery.

“A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”

As a fan of earth tones (and neutrals), I'm definitely vibing with this one. It's vibrant, bold, oh-so-beautiful, and takes you right where you want to be—in nature. While I was looking around for inspiration on how this color will play into my life over the next year, I found myself drawn to subtle pops or, on a larger spaces, a more textural approach. I've chosen some select pins to share with you all for your own inspiration on incorporating Greenery into your work and every day life.

My favorite part of this color is what is stands for in the particular time. Green is a strong color and symbol for protecting our earth. There is no color more fitting for that role. As we move into some potentially bumpy times with our environmental impact, I think it is really fitting that Greenery will take it's stance as we create. Let it be a constant reminder what we should be working towards.

Read more about the colors of the year on Pantone's website here.

Design: Elizabeth & Eric's Nautical Wedding Invitations

Wedding season is nearing the end and I'm excited to start showing you some of the work I have done for couples this year! First up, Elizabeth and Eric's nautical wedding stationery that incorporated some playfulness in the save the dates but kept it classic on the invitations with a nice faded watercolor background. Working with these two to create the stationery for their special day, was so much fun and easy going. I love how they incorporated contrast between the two mailings with the quirky save the dates and the sophisticated invitations.

The save the dates were all done with hand lettering and pen illustration then converted to vector for easy printing. They knew from the start they wanted to have nautical elements tie the suite together. Having the whale and the fun rope lettering on the save the dates, kept the celebration of announcing the date of their wedding upbeat, playful, and a little bit silly.

As we dove into the invitation, it was clear that they wanted to be more serious with this piece. They just purchased a sailboat that they were in love with so bringing in a passion of theirs to the invitation was a lot of fun. For these the lettering and sailboat blueprint was again done in pen which was transferred to vector but the background was created with watercolor. I don't do much work in watercolor but its a medium I love exploring (I have some more wedding suites that will be incorporating it that I'm excited to share later on!). 

All together, the wedding invitation suite provided a balance which I think speaks to what love is about. Love is an awesome feeling and getting married is a time for celebration but it is also about bringing together two people to tackle life together. It was an absolute joy designing this suite for Elizabeth and Eric and I was so happy to see it come to life and photographed so beautifully by Julie Surette PhotographyIt always means so much to me to be able to be a part of a couple's big day!

Our wedding save the dates and invitations came out beautifully, due to Brittany’s keen eye and expert design skills. Brittany listened to our ideas and wants from day one and was able to create the perfect stationery suite to match our casual, nautical themed wedding. When I mentioned an idea after receiving initial samples, Brittany was quick to incorporate our vision on paper. She gave us so many ideas to work with, which was absolutely awesome. Our favorite part of our wedding stationery is the actual blueprint of our sailboat on the top of our invitations. Eric and I are obsessed with sailing, so it really meant a lot to us to see our Cape Dory on our wedding invitations. Brittany was able to create personalized and beautiful wedding stationary for our big day and we will be forever grateful for her work. We would definitely recommend Brittany to anyone needing personal stationery created.
— Elizabeth Conroy & Eric Christoffersen, Bride & Groom

Quote: Keep A Loving Heart

 Image from  Unsplash  / Lettering by Britt Fabello

Image from Unsplash / Lettering by Britt Fabello

As we move through life we grow and change as individuals. Our souls find new and different ways to guide us. Life shifts. It gives us challenges and changes us (hopefully for the better). Some times we have peaceful periods of calm easiness and other times it seems like everything is exploding in each corner as we try to navigate our way through. As I've gone through my path in life, one thing I always hold onto is working towards keeping a loving heart—whether that is towards myself or others, friends or strangers, people close by or far away.

While we grow, the people who surround us are doing the same—growing. Some times you grow in the same direction and other times you've each found your own sun to grab the light from to continue your forward momentum. It is a natural part of life. 

A few months back, I came across this interview with Brené Brown by The Work of the People. In it she talks about her therapist telling her this one line: "What if everyone is doing the best that they can?" ...I paused right there and couldn't help but to be in awe of that one line. So many times we find ourselves jumping to conclusions about people. I think its safe to say we are all guilty of this. Its easy to gather your own thoughts off of first impressions of someone or let our own emotions get in the way. You don't know what challenges people face day to day. I see this happening a lot and as I said, I'm guilty of it too. It can be as simple as thinking someone is rudely ignoring a text you sent when in reality they've been on a train underground without service or they're out on their daily run. The world doesn't revolve around what we need in every given moment or how we think someone's life is or should be.

Keeping an open loving heart and remembering that most people are doing the best that they can helps bring clarity and happiness into our lives. The love and grace that we have to give to one another goes a long way in making this world a better place to live in. To know that while we all work to become the best version of ourselves, people are giving us ease to do so—space to be the people we strive to be. That's the bottom line here. We are all working through this wild life individually and together.

Britt FabelloMay 20, 2016

Quote: Joy In Our Soul

Lately I have been doing a lot of reflection on how I've built my business and talking with other small business owners about their unique paths. It's clear when you search around that everyone has their own way that has worked for them—believe me when I tell you that there is no guide out there that is going to magically lead you to having the income of your dreams through doing what you love. I encourage each and every person who wants to take that leap to making their passion their job to do so—this isn't about not doing that. But I want you to know that it takes much much more than just being passionate about something. Understand that there's no such thing as instant success. It takes hard work. It takes rolling up your sleeves and really digging into the how and the why. It takes time, love, and energy to continuously pour out.

There are so many false promises being thrown around through marketed guaranteed success paths. When you are first starting out, it is very easy to grab on to those and then feel the defeat when they don't work for you. Let me tell you that it has taken me years to find my spot where things finally started to flow into a full time business for me. It might take someone less or more time and that is okay. I grew each aspect of Sea of Atlas organically and with only good intention. I never went after quick solutions and invested in education for parts I felt weak in. I put a strong focus on building a community of beautiful souls to mentor me and my plan so that I can constantly be assured that my business is built on a solid foundation.

This is why I'm sitting here writing this right now and why this Rumi quote is what I encourage you all to grasp onto and root it deep inside. Listen to what you soul tells you and allow it to guide you. If you are following your dreams and your passion, then know that things can take time and most importantly they take a lot of dedication. Find a path that clicks with your work flow, your passion, your heart. The points that my business has grown the most is when I stopped listening to everyone else and listened to my own gut to figure out my business needs. The best thing you can do for yourself is take your joy within and keep letting it shine through. Let your passion run through your veins and be your driving force to the hard work that is needed. Show and prove why you are chasing what you are after. The energy you put into the world and the hard work you do will create a longer lasting structure will pay off in the end.