Refocusing With Hey Sweet Pea

At the beginning of the month, I began questioning what I really wanted Light Rust Studio to be. The studio has become more than I ever had imagined in its first year. The products have grown from new adventures, the collaborations have been abundant, and the passion continues to flow in from such an amazing community of entrepreneurs. But with all the good, I felt slightly lost and I wasn’t sure what to do with this new path. I was in need of some redirection. I needed to refocus what it was my company stood for, what it has grown to be, and the feeling I want it to create.

So, last week I decided it was time to reach for some outside help. On Thursday, I sat down and videoed in on my first online class for the studio. It was time to clear my mind and grow my business. I am so incredibly thankful I chose to book it with Hey Sweet Pea, a company I have been inspired by and following since the start of my business.

The class, Thriving on Instagram, took what I was feeling and translated it into the most elegant answers. I felt I finally had a grasp on things as Elise of Hey Sweet Pea talked with ease and a sense of peacefulness, making any entrepreneur feel like they were not alone. I left the class clear-headed, determined, and oh yes, ready to fully rock this!

As I close the shop soon for a couple weeks for our wedding and honeymoon, I see it also as a time to reflect on the new teachings and come back stronger than ever. Its time to let that energy find its path to regained strength and focus. When we open back up in mid-August, you'll see the studio breathing new life into its art and community.

We can't wait to continue learning, growing, and loving! See you all soon! (And yes, of course, I have already signed up for my next class, Leveraging Social Media with Hey Sweet Pea! And I can’t wait to get right back into it.)