International Women's Day 2018

International Women's Day 2018 | Britt Fabello

To all the ladies out there—the empowering forces, beautiful souls, and amazing humans. May we continue this momentum of standing up stronger than ever. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. This community makes me feel lucky to have such inspirational people surrounding us all to continuously lift each other up. Let’s keep rocking the world by showing our power and worth. Happy International Women’s Day!

Wallpaper: March 2018 Calendar & Art

March 2018 Desktop Wallpaper by Britt Fabello

March is here which means spring is that much closer. I have been enjoying the snow here in London this past week though. In my three years of living here, I have never seen so much! It makes me feel like we are back in New England. I keep saying that this would be the perfect goodbye to winter—so, hopefully, once the snow passes we can start warming up and watch the nature around us come back to life for a new season.

Another reason I am excited for this new month is that we are getting back into a fuller travel schedule around here. We have two trips this month—one brings us back to Alpbach for a final ski of the season and the other brings us to Morocco. Very opposite trips but I can not wait for either! At the start of each travel season, I love knowing that I have no idea what new inspirations will be coming my way as I see new places and continue to grow.

I hope you all have had a lovely couple of months of your new year and wish you the best for March!

March 2018 Desktop Wallpaper by Britt Fabello
March 2018 Desktop Wallpaper by Britt Fabello

Wallpaper: February 2018 Calendar & Art

February 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

Sitting down and writing this while in complete disbelief that it's already February...the start of the new year has flown by. Sometimes when I look out the window and see the grey gloomy London skies, it feels like winter has been going on forever though. I have been focusing on some winter hobbies to make these months seem less dreary. At the end of last year, Rico and I were getting in a good groove with ice skating. This year, we pushed ourselves a little further and went skiing for the first time! We were bracing ourselves to hate it since it takes some time to pick up but we absolutely fell in love. So much so that we have already booked a trip back for March. I truly can not wait!

In January I also got back to focusing on my artwork after breaking for the holidays. My current series has me exploring a few different mediums—acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, and hand stitching. Right now they feel a bit separate in their practices—though they feel joined by intention, story, and color palette. The hope is that as this exploration continues, they will start to intertwine. I am already feeling that pull and have been sketching out lots of images that my brain seems to be swirling around.

For the month ahead, I am looking forward to continuing on with our downtime to re-establish routine and gear up for the spring when lots of traveling will be happening. We have our year mapped out already on where we are hopping to go! With new destinations, comes new inspiration. You never know where life will lead you and what change those places will bring. On that note, I leave you with good vibes for February! May it be relaxing, reviving, and settling as we all prepare for spring.

February 2018 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper | Britt Fabello
Mountains & Moon Phone Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

Wallpaper: January 2018 Calendar & Art

January 2018 Desktop Calendar & Mountain Moon Phone Wallpaper | Britt Fabello

Happy New Year! By this time I will have just landed back in London (that's right, I rang in the New Year attempting to sleep sitting up next to glamorous...ha). Luckily Rico and I will be treating ourselves to a nice breakfast at one of our favorite local spots, Greenberry Cafe, to celebrate being back! Then I will probably crash and try to pretend that the jet lag isn't making my eyes want to roll back into my head.

This month we're hanging around London for the most part but we've decided to book a little ski weekend in the Austrian Alps. I've skied a few times, Rico has never, so it should be interesting! We are buying some gear, getting ready, booking our rentals and ski lessons, and are anxious to enjoy some time in nature learning a new skill! Over the past few months, we have reminded ourselves that it is never too late to learn something new. That we have to always push ourselves to be our best. One important task for me was to find ways to make the winter more enjoyable. These colder and shorter days can be a battle for me. Some ideas that instantly came to mind where skating and skiing. I grew up skating and absolutely love to do it but never prioritize it—now that I put my foot down, we've been twice this year with plans to go more once we are back...and continue maybe even through the warmer months. It's naturally progressed now to inspire us to go skiing and I can't wait to see how it goes!

Now that you've gotten a little life update from this side, let's chat about wallpaper! Another new year means a new wallpaper series! This time around I have decided to use my artwork (rather than design work) as inspiration and to keep things closer to my current creative journey. I have enjoyed creating graphics by hands in the past to bring you all unique and fun wallpapers that hopefully brighten your months but since I'm not spending my days designing anymore, it felt right to rethink what the wallpapers should and can be. The only conclusion that felt right is to bring it closer to my roots so I can share more of that with you. January's design is taken from one of my recent ink paintings. My artwork lately is based around the concept of how the reflection of nature's movements and visuals can teach us about our natural human emotions. You can read deeper into that here. My hope is that these paintings I am creating, can draw out a sense of peace and clarity in it's viewers. As wallpaper, this moon & mountains painting can be a daily reminder for that grounded stability from the earth.

May you enjoy and have a wonderful start of the new year!

January 2018 Desktop Calendar | Britt Fabello
Phone Wallpaper | Artwork by Britt Fabello

Design: Chicago Youth Centers 2017 Annual Report

Wallpaper: December 2017 Calendar & Pattern

December 2017 Desktop Wallpaper by Britt Fabello

So, the end of the year is here. 2017 was a defining year for me and I have a lot to reflect back on before I say goodbye to it. This final month will be a time for just that. Then to truly close the year off, we will head back to the States for some family time before kicking off the new year in the air on our way home to London. I'm excited for this year to be over because I have a really good feeling about 2018. I never want to wish time away and I wont be doing that, but I'm feeling good and positive about whats ahead.

I hope everyone has a lovely month celebrating the holidays and a new season! Enjoy this wonderful, cozy, and festive time of year :)

Holly Christmas Phone Wallpaper by Britt Fabello
December 2017 Holiday Wallpaper by Britt Fabello

Primrose Hill Christmas Festival 2017 Recap

Work by Britt Fabello

This past weekend was the Primrose Hill Christmas Festival. Having participated in the neighborhood's Spring festival, I decided to give their holiday one a try. I was a bit worried for the weather—you never know what you are going to get at any time of the year in London but once we get into the cooler months, that is especially true. All I could picture was pouring rain. Luckily, it was a beautiful day though (minus the chill). The sun was shining and people were out enjoying getting into the holiday spirit.

Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello
Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello
Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello

The May festival was my first ever tabling event. I was careful about it and had a very limited display so I could get a feel for what I needed if I were to continue to do events like this. The last thing I wanted to do was to buy a bunch of display items that I would never use again. This time around, I was ready to jump in and was more prepared thanks to those notes. The wind made it a bit tricky but I managed to get something together that withstood it. We only had a few large gusts that still managed to shake us up a bit!

Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello
Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello
Primrose Hill Christmas Festival | Britt Fabello

Thanks to these Primrose Hill's festivals, I have been able to ease my way into events like this. What's easier than working right down the street? I am also grateful for my husband who helped me rent a car so we could easily transport everything without making a billion trips back and forth from our flat and the stall. He also amazingly stayed by my side all day to help with sales and pass the time. It helps so much to have him and friends come by. It was nice to see familiar faces stopping in to say hello as well as some new!

Looking forward to doing it all again in the spring! With hopefully warmer weather :)

Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good

Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello

Taylors of Harrogate and Creating for Good came together to create a year long series of creative workshops ending with a trip to Rwanda to experience and tour the tea farms. Branding the event under one name, Extraordinary Passport, meant we needed to come up with a system to carry them throughout the whole journey together. By taking the window from Taylors logo and adding elements that would be a part of the workshops, we successfully came up with a crest to do just that. This brand element was carried out on the passport, bottles, stickers, and other materials used throughout the workshops.

Within the collaboration, I also worked as a pro bono designer for Creative For Good. With the team, I helped them create a stationery suite highlighting what they do as well as their partner, Women for Women. This element along with the passport and a few extras were shipped in vintage suitcases to each individual social media influencer chosen to partake in the journey. It was important to keep the color palette neutral to fit into the style of each influencer but also bring in Taylors colorful brand. Together they balance each other out and allow for versatility in the social media images.

Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello
Design: Branding for Extraordinary Passport in Collaboration with Taylors of Harrogate and Creating For Good | Britt Fabello

Photography by Giulia Mulè.

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello

Sage and I were lucky enough to have our paths cross during college. We have kept in touch here and there so it was great to hear from him again when he was ready for his next tattoo! I used old school calligraphy (pen and ink) to create these custom designs for Sage. The words are pulled from John Irving's The Cider House Rules (which I highly recommend reading if you haven't!). I loved that Sage wanted to keep it simple and classic in these designs. I'm also always honored when someone—especially a friend—asks me to design a tattoo for them. I mean, it's the same thing as asking me to put my work permanently on their body (in case you didn't know)! So, a major shout out to Sage for working with on this as well as the always amazing Gretchen Powers for taking these stunning photos of the designs.

Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello
Design: Lettering for Sage's Tattoo | Britt Fabello

Photography by Gretchen Powers.

Wallpaper: November 2017 Calendar & Pattern

November 2017 Desktop Calendar by Britt Fabello

November is here and we are long into autumn now. I have been doing a lot of watercoloring painting with this new season and seeing where that path takes me. It is such a wonderful medium to work in so I am excited to be exploring it more. I am hoping to get back into some larger acrylic paintings or mixed mediums but I'm learning to pace myself. My inner artist has been full of inspirations still from our travels this past year but I am already aching to get back out there for more. We don't have any trips planned through the end of the year though. We have been putting a focus back on doing day trips here in England so we can see more of this beautiful country before the day comes that we have to leave it.

For the month ahead I hope to stay on this track. We have family coming to visit for Thanksgiving which has become a new tradition. It does seem a bit backwards since Thanksgiving is an American holiday but the pub near us does a nice dinner for it. It's nice to not to feel like we miss out on holidays with our families when we get visits like these.

Wishing everyone a happy November!

Peony Phone Wallpaper by Britt Fabello
November 2017 Wallpapers by Britt Fabello

Wallpaper: October 2017 Calendar & Pattern

Wallpaper: October 2017 Calendar & Pattern

When this post goes live, I will have just landed back in London after a visit to the States. I am really looking forward to seeing my family and getting to soak in New England for a little. The toughest parts of being away are missing those two thing—but London does a good job of distracting me! Months seem to by flying by and I can not believe that summer is over. It is always a bit painful to say goodbye to such a beautiful and full season but autumn has its ways. Soon the leaves will be turning and walking through Regent's Park will look a little different with the bright yellow hues all around us. I love lighting candles this time of year and getting cozy in the evenings with a good movie or book. Each season gives us a new reason to feel excited, restored, and inspired. I'm excited to see what autumn has to offer!

Sending all my love as usual! Happy October & Autumn, friends :)


Wallpaper: September 2017 Calendar & Pattern


Hello & welcome to the new journal on my studio website! From this point forward you will find my wallpapers posted here alongside any other art/design focused topics. Sea of Atlas, where you used to snag these from, has been converted into a travel only blog which I hope will still be enjoyed by many! Speaking of travel...we're kicking off the month with a trip to Portugal. I am really excited to be in warm sunny weather and by the beach. It will be a last burst of summer before autumn starts to truly show its face. We are also traveling back to the States later in the month to visit family and friends. It feels like it has been FOREVER since we have been home. It will be a nice time to refresh, reconnect, and enjoy our beloved New England. It feels crazy that these trips are already here along with September but I am very much so welcoming this month in! I wish you all the happiest of months and hope you are getting out to do some of your own end of summer exploring.


Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Publication

Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Magazine | Britt Fabello

For The Letter Mag's courageous issue, we teamed up to create a custom illustration as well an a hand lettered piece. This recent publication is helping to inspire women to be courageous, daring, and free. That's a message I'm willing to push over and over again. Thanks to the team behind it all for letting me be a part it!

Design: Illustration & Hand-lettering for The Letter Magazine | Britt Fabello

Wallpaper: August 2017 Calendar & Pattern

August has always signaled that the end of summer is coming near for me. It feels like we hit that mark a few weeks ago here in London though with the cool autumn like weather we have been having. I keep telling Rico that summer is over but we are trying to hold out hope that things will turn around here. Besides focusing on the weather, I've been enjoying our time back in London with a more low key schedule. June and the first half of July were definitely crazy. I thought we had learned our lesson when we did the same thing last year but we couldn't help packing our schedules full with travel itineraries. It's such a wonderful time to travel in Europe. You still miss a lot of the crowds but get some great weather. We will continue to stay put until the end of August when we take a little weekend trip to Ireland. We'll get our last taste of summer in September with a trip to Portugal as well as the States (we're hoping autumn arrives a little late!).

Enjoy the sun and all that comes with it while it last folks! Wishing you all the best for August.

Wallpaper: July 2017 Calendar & Pattern

I'm in complete shock that I am writing about July today. June surely flew by! Does anyone else feel this way? Our travel season has been in full swing so I'm a bit all over the place when it comes to dates. We took full advantage of June by starting the month in Switzerland and making our way to Italy and Norway. July will be kicked off in similar fashion—we aren't slowing down just yet! Tomorrow we board a plane to Bosnia where we will hang out for a little before making our way to Croatia (for our third time...we might love it!). After this trip, we'll be hanging out in London until closer to the end of summer. I'm looking forward to the second half of July being about down time and getting back into the groove here. With all my traveling, I've had plenty of time to reflect and think about whats important to me. Seeing new places always unlocks new parts of who I am and helps bring new ideas in. I have some changing and shifting I plan to tackle (and share) soon. For now, I'm just focused on getting to that warm sunshine and spending some time in the ocean.

Happy July my friends! Hope its a good one for you :)

A Hand Lettered Font Story: Montmarte

The latest addition to my hand lettered font collection is Montmartre. After our recent Spring trip to Paris where we spent a good amount of time exploring the neighborhood of Montmartre, I felt inspired. While wandering around the quaint streets and cobblestone hills, I was constantly looking around at the hand painted signs, old architecture, and feeling the vibe of this creative hub. After stopping into the Musee of Montmartre (now one of my favorite places on this planet) and viewing the exhibition on films depicting this very neighborhood throughout different time periods, it was clear to me where this trip's font was going to be pulled from. I felt drawn to the old movies— the black and white pictures and classic story lines. It was so clear then that the inspiration I was taking home from this trip was going to be very vintage inspired.

The Montmartre font has that typical 1920s classic feel. It plays with its glamorous side but also keeps things down-to-earth with organic lines unpolished lines. While the typeface has all it's characters from uppercase to lowercase, its a font that really stands out when used in moderation. I would not recommend writing a book with this font—no way! As I was working out in my head how Montmartre would work in the design world, I saw it being able to stand on its own in simple settings. It's strong enough to even work its magic with one character like the bottles or the store sign I've mocked-up. It has a clear style—a strength—that could really tell a story for a brand.

Making fonts has been a new process for me this year and I am really enjoying taking the lettering I've been creating for years after trips and converting it into a typeface for more people to enjoy. I love that it's helping to make handmade—really unique and artfully done—design so much more accessible to all people and budgets. And, of course, there is just something about putting pen to paper to come up with this magical new ways to pull inspiration from places all over the world. There is a zone I get in when I am drawing each of these letters individually. I want that passion and love for the craft to be felt. While these fonts get taken from their handmade beginnings and become digitized, I always make sure to leave their organic quality.

I'm sure there will be many more fonts to come—I feel like I am only just getting started even though I've been working at this all year to build a strong library for all of you to use and create with. There's been a lot of learning along the way so I can make sure these are always the best they can be. Hopefully, these fonts help guide you all to create outside the box and push your branding or to just have fun with it!

Wallpaper: June 2017 Calendar & Pattern

Helloooo June—okay, I know I'm a day early! But here's the first month of summer coming right up. I also just want to casually say that it's my birthday month and by default my favorite month of the year. There's always been so much excitement in June with the new (best) season upon us! I can NOT wait for summer to get here but in the meantime, we will be doing lots of traveling to get ourselves out in nature or soak up the warm weather. June's schedule looks absolutely crazy. We start the month off already in Switzerland (hello from the alps!), head to Venice shortly after, then we are off to Norway. In between our own travels, we have a few visitors from the States coming our way—one being my sister! Her visit coincidentally lines up with my birthday so it will be nice to be around family that day.

Before we know it, I will be back here writing about how June flew by and I can't believe July is starring back at me. Time flies during this time of year and honestly, all I want to be doing is swimming which isn't so easy in London. If I am honest, during the downtime in the summer I tend to get a bit homesick. I'm so nostalgic for the classic New England summer with long days by the ocean, trips to the lake, hiking in the white mountains, hanging by my parent's pool, BBQs, ice cream...ahhhh. It is probably the number one thing I miss from home and a driving force to return someday. For now, I have to make sure I remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy the British Summertime. London is at its best this time of year and since we moved so close to a park this past autumn, we are excited to have a boost to our summer lifestyle this time around. It has already proven to be top notch!

Wishing everyone a wonderful June and a warm sunny start to the summer!

Event Recap: Primrose Hill Festival

We moved to Primrose Hill back in the fall and one of the main reasons we were drawn to this neighborhood was the sense of community. It's small but full of life. You can feel the pride that people have for this little corner of London. As we settled into our new spot and were making our flat our home, we got word of the Primrose Hill Festival. It happens twice a year and we were excited to see what it was all about when the first one rolled around in December. The whole neighborhood comes out for a day of celebrating the area with local vendors, great food, and live music. With the December market being centered around the holidays, it felt cozy and full of that Christmas cheer. It was clear at this point that we had made the right decision when picking a new neighborhood to put some roots down in.

As Spring was approaching, the neighborhood was buzzing with talk about the festival once again. I was really excited to see what this one would be like—a non-holiday themed event. My interest was peaked. Then, Rico came home one day and asked if I had saw they were looking for vendors so we started discussing if it would be a good place to test out tabling. As I've noted before, I'm more of a behind the scenes gal but this is my year to have grit so I decided it was worth a try. It felt important to put my face and name out there in my own neighborhood, or even just to connect more with the locals. So, I submitted, was accepted, and got to work at prepping for the big day!

It ended up being an amazing day, truly. I loved being able to meet new people and chat about everything from my work to life in general. We got to hear some beautiful stories from others about their journey to how they ended up in Primrose Hill or London. There was so much support and love felt. It made me feel welcomed and closer to my community. And, one of the best parts of all was having a constant stream of friends stop by and surprise me. Being a creative and someone who works as a soloprenuer, it's especially important to have friends like this. People that are reassuring, supportive, caring, and loving. I'll never be able to fully express my appreciation for those who came by.  I returned home at the end of the day completely blown away by it all.

Maybe it was the gorgeous weather we lucked out with but it felt even more alive than the December one. I'm definitely still buzzing from all the energy—even weeks after. I'm happy to be a part of this neighborhood and I am walking away from the festival having learned so many new things from jumping into my first ever tabling event. It will be exciting to see where else this leads! The biggest takeaway from it all though was a reminder to continue pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

Event Recap: Teaching Hand Lettering At The Creating For Goof Conference

Just about a week ago I had the pleasure of joining the Creating For Good team to teach a hand lettering workshop in their first ever creative conference here in London. Creating For Good came together earlier this year and has been making ground in their mission to give back to the word. The London-based collective combines their creative forces to use their skills to improve the lives of the less fortunate. 100% of the proceeds from the conference and other events that they put on, are donated to a good cause. This conference teamed up with Women for Women International, an organization that runs year long programs to support women in eight different countries affected by conflict and war. All of this—the conference, the people, the organization—are helping to continue to move our world into a positive space in a somewhat shakey time.

Having never taught a hand lettering workshop before, I was a little hesitant to jump in but with this being my year of having grit, I knew I needed to say yes. I have taught in other capacities before. Some facts about younger me, I used to volunteer at an after-school art program for little kids to help them embrace their creative side. I also worked at a summer camp for years in various positions from teaching sailing to heading the department of arts and crafts. Those roles have given me experience leading and teaching so I felt I had a good base to go off of combined with my love of lettering. So, I ultimately agreed to jump in and teach the workshop, ready to tackle a new obstacle in order to grow.

First off—I'm super grateful for Jo and Jess. They answered the many questions I had—everything from class numbers, space set up, and allotted time. It was great to have them to ease my nerves and allow my planning to go smoothly. It was important to me to give each individual the best first go at hand lettering. I put together tote bags full of notes, pens, paper, rulers—everything they would need—so they could just focus on relaxing and getting into their creative flow. While I enjoyed talking about hand lettering and walking the class through the process, the best part was weaving through the rows of chairs to chat with everyone individually. I loved to see how each one of them was interpreting what they were learning and how they were putting their own individual twist on it. Honestly, they all blew me away with their talent. It was awesome to be in a room with such love and energy!

The whole conference was beautifully put together. And while I do mean that in a heart eyes kind of way—WeWork was the perfect space, London Flower School provided gorgeous flowers to fill it, West Elm donated beautiful plates, and The Social Kitchen laid out the most stunning (and delicious) spread of food. What really made the day special were the people though—the Creating For Good team, the instructors, Women for Women, and the attendees. I met so many lovely people that I have already been staying in touch with and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with. They have filled me with a new found creative energy and direction.

I left the conference feeling so full. My heart was truly happy and I felt like I had a super clear vision of where I was heading with my own creative path. Having the opportunity to share and chat with so many fellow creatives was really wonderful. I hope to have many more of these creative burst of energy! London is an amazing place to be for that.

And now, to end this recap of my workshop, I will leave you with this beautiful video the oh-so talented Daria Shevchenkocreated of the day. Enjoy!